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Articles on Zen and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Zen    Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that enables the subject to replace negative thoughts and behaviour patterns with positive ones. It is also a 'tool' to enable a subject to recover lost (repressed) memories that are causing unwanted conditions in life. It is not really different to guided meditation when with a hypnotist, or meditation as practised alone. It often said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and therefore mediation.... Read more
Zen: Why Meditate?   Zazen is a form of Zen meditation whose aim it is to empty the mind of all thoughts - although many Zen practitioners would say that zazen is not meditation at all, but more of a process. It is very easy to describe how to do zazen, but it takes commitment to make it work effectively.  Read more
Zen:Balance     If you live your life in a constant state of achieving, you experience 'aliveness'. You become dynamic living in a state of achieving and not so much achievement.  Zen is the journey (achieving) and not the destination as achievement which is past. Read more
Law of Attraction  There is nothing magical or mystical about hypnosis. Hypnosis is persuasion, and to realise any form of success we have to persuade our subconscious mind that the success we aspire to is possible and is as good as manifest. Read more..
When All Is One  Most of us regard mind and body as separate parts of ourselves. But in the east, this is something that is not so. In spiritual disciplines such as Zen and many martial arts such as Ki Aikido, mind and body are considered one and these disciplines eventually lead to the realisation that All is one, and that nothing is really separate. Read more..      
The Art of Zazen (Zen Meditation)  Zen Meditation emphasises focusing on the breathing. This is because, in the East, breathing is considered to be the source of life. Zazen utilises breathing meditation and is one of the most powerful forms of meditation. Read more
Looking At Awareness  You can put your awareness wherever you want to. In your left foot, at the top of your head and so on. But you cannot define exactly what awareness is. It can't be your thoughts because you can become aware of your thoughts and re-direct them. It can't be your feelings because you can become aware and change them, if you know how.  Read more...
Zazen: A Personal Experience    Zen is certainly not for everyone. It's rewards are hard-won, and almost possible to define with words, yet words are all we have to communicate across the internet. Zen communicates through experiential practices. Read more
Chakras Chakras are vortexes of energy that are located in positions throughout the body. If you can accept the reality of energy  - and who cannot - you can accept the reality of chakras.  Read more
How to Meditate on Chakras    This is my way  of doing meditation on chakras – there will no doubt, be other methods, but I invite you drop all preconceptions about chakra development, and especially not to blindly believe in what I am saying here, but to go through this exercise and experience for yourself. Read more
Hara:One Point in the Lower Abdomen      Back in the 1980s, I attended a martial art class in Ki-Aikido and this was the first time I ever learned of the value of what our Sensei (teacher) called, ‘the one point in the lower abdomen’. Read more
Phobias & Fears    For some people, trying to ignore or wish away some phobias or  trying to ‘hypnotise’ them away can make them worse, especially if accompanied by panic attacks. Read more.
Power of Acceptance   The majority of clients who I dealt with as a therapist were suffering as a result of a severe "inner critic". Symptoms can range from severe phobias to deep depression. The resolution lies in the power of acceptance, for if we resist an unwanted experience, we may seem to be rid of it, but in most cases it is suppressed. Read more
Power of Commitment      Commitment has power.  To exercise commitment means to exercise integrity, which, in turn means to take control of your life.... Your Destiny... Read more
Power of Forgiveness   On that rare, but profound experience when Self and others can be experienced as one, the invitation for forgiveness crops up. Misfortune visits us all sometime during life and most of us seem to add even more weight to our burden through the process of blame. Read more.
Zen Eating and Dieting   Being a Zen practitioner and hypnotherapist, I supported my clients with an entirely different approach – the daily practice zazen (a form of sitting Zen meditation), to gain a higher state of awareness using this Zen method not to hypnotise, but to awaken them into a higher state of body and feeling awareness. Read More
Zen Reading  In my experience, reading books, when coupled with zazen (Zen meditation), creates a "pathway" that begins to penetrate through the barriers put up by (some would say subconscious) mind that lead ultimately to spiritual enlightenment. Read more