Zen Life Contemplation


Zen Life: Contemplating Mind and Life

Right now, I am aware that my mind has been questioning this life. I say ‘has been’ because I can only know of things of the past, not of the present. 

The here-now...   is non-existent for my mind. 
I must be existent because I am living existence. 

But my thinking is always about what was and not what is. 

One of life’s mysteries. Well... all of life’s mysteries when contemplating life itself!   

Life is a mystery is that it is constant and permanent, but not in thought, for the ego-mind believes it knows life.  But really…..  

I do not know how life comes to be. 

But does life really come to be? All I can know is an expression of life through my experiencing.

I would say that life always was, is and will be, as it is in everyone and everything both the sentient and the non-sentient – no beginning, no end. 

Life is not created by or of the mind because it cannot be. Before my mind there was life. After my mind there will be life. Sometimes in Zen, life is referred as Mind, with a capital ‘M’, or ultimate enlightenment.

Life is... always or immortal. Knowing life is mortal and ends.

My thinking mind developed, and I began to know and remember life. Before that, there was no knowledge, just me without an ability to think, without an ability to know, but I was in life.  I can only know what was, and at best my knowledge is faint of being fascinated with I know not what..

Zen can be a word for life and to many it is life.  Zen/life indicates life when it reduces everything to the Great Void and allows us a glimpse of it.. Then for that moment, Zen is no more.. No-thing!

The Great Void.. 

Timelessness, everywhere in space, yet no place that can be separated and indicated 'the space of the void'.

The void is All of space.  Beyond the capabilities of thinking. 

It is there beyond my grasp, yet something that I am – something that everything and everybody is. 
The mind is just an addition…

A created duality. 

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