Analysis: A Koan, or How to Title This Post...

Unconscious mind. I think I would prefer to call it the super-conscious mind,  because of the inexplicable intelligence that works all around the universe.

The old question, "if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a noise?"  A koan perhaps?

I am aware that I need to see that I am part of this. Everybody and everything in existence is part of this universe. Not so much subject to its "laws" but ARE those laws.  Creators…

Everything and everyone are creators whether or not it is realized. It doesn't depend on being mentally recognized or analysed.  I can't see analysis going on in the universe, it doesn't need analysis. But I can see it in my ego-mind. Even right now. I am analysing the non-analysed.. I have only got to write this down to be in a state of analysis. Analysis is the content and the universe is the context. 

The universe HOLDS analysis, but is certainly not dependent on it. Analysis came into being a long time after we came out of the primordial soup. It was created out of our awareness. So it didn't exist before? 

I get that it always existed. Never started and will never end. It was merely unmanifest and then became manifest.

 And the universe works without it.  Of that there is no doubt.  So what exactly is analysis?  Who is the analyser?  You, I in our ego minds? What effect does our analysis have?   Using our awareness we may see that we know already.. We are already are buddhas…

Analysis has no effect other than  to  change things around that already existed, after the fact. Things simply continue to exist in a transformed state.  A hole in the ground that we dig can be potentially filled again. We have not changed the ground, we've just move a bit of it!  Transformed it into concrete, or some piece of pottery or whatever.

And so with a knowing smile or worried mind look, I can carry on analysing. If I am aware of doing it, the mood or state of mind is irrelevant, as an emotional state will always only be a transient state.  A (spiritual) springtime will turn to summer, autumn and then winter as it continues within the cycle of birth and death. 

Contemplation: Time as Illusion.

 I see time and it is an illusion.  So I can observe illusion?  How can illusion exist, if it is illusion? So it is an illusion that I observe illusion too!   I have examined and written about this time thing so much, but I think such enquiry really has to be tautological.  
Approached from different sides of the reality and this promotes closer examination for those as crazy or as sane as me!  I don't know which, but such duality needs to be transcended.  And really these words are inadequate- they can only point to what I am experiencing as I write, and each of us has to see for ourselves.  So I will point on….
How can time exist when now is immediately gone forever?  To be free of this we need to see and experience this reality and be willing to live with uncertainty, because that is the way it is. Uncertainty is a mystery. To know life as anything less than a mystery is not what the "I-consciousness" really wants.  What can we learn from what we know, because what we know is already gone. We have learned. Past. Illusion. 
My zazen (meditation) is the practice of constantly focusing on the here and now and letting it go. It takes many years of daily practice, and it is on-going. In this life, we all have a mind equipped with ego-conditioning after all!  But the more reality can be experienced as the now passing away,  the greater the ability to see reality. Little by little, inch by inch. We watch ourselves grow. Impatience will never get there, because it exists as need. A need to be somewhere other than the now that is immediately gone. 
If we pay attention to what is coming up right now, we can expand from self as individual. Expand from needs and emotions and realize a much higher state of awareness and consciousness outside our dualistic nature of what is I and what is not I.

Become Consciousness: A Question

Great masters have said time and time again, that we need to transcend our minds, to quit seeing ourselves as separate beings and become the observer:  become Consciousness. Such being-ness will manifest when it manifests. There is no agenda, no timetable, no map to find the way. It just comes to the quiet mind, not the warrior who sets out to defeat the relative world. It can happen in an instance. Just like that! Or not.. Be prepared to wait? No, not prepared.. Just wait, maybe a moment, maybe a day, week, month, year, decade, lifetime or more. True non-resistance to what is so right now. How? Live with this question. 

Meanwhile, can it be that the more we can contemplate, the more we can read, talk and communicate on the question of how to realize Self as consciousness, the nearer we will get to transcending duality and be one with universe and ultimately hold the universe within our awareness, allowing the realization of self as pure space? 

Disappearing Reality

Are we the same person as we were a decade ago?  I can look and have memories and if I focus on those memories, I have an opportunity to realize that that person WAS me, meaning that it is no longer me.  Now, what about the person I was yesterday, or an hour ago? That WAS me too, not IS me now. Furthermore, NOW is gone too. Ego wants certainty and seems to be looking for it in the wrong place. Yesterday isn't certain. How can a moment be certain if it doesn't exist!? And what of NOW?...

Ha!. That's just gone and isn't certain. I am moving from moment to moment and ego is calling all moments that instantly are no more, or are not yet, reality. What do I call it?  Best not think on that because all I will end up with is a lot more thoughts about what was, or will be and thinking that what is merely apparent, is reality!   Thinking does nothing. Experiencing does but disappears constantly.

Zazen Today

In zazen today. The mind cannot be stilled by force, for is not that a total contradiction?  The mind becomes still when it is set free…. Set free to think whatever it wants to think, roam wherever it wants to roam.  Just the witnessing self is then manifest, karma continues to manifest in the space of acceptance until eventual completion.