Disappearing Reality

Are we the same person as we were a decade ago?  I can look and have memories and if I focus on those memories, I have an opportunity to realize that that person WAS me, meaning that it is no longer me.  Now, what about the person I was yesterday, or an hour ago? That WAS me too, not IS me now. Furthermore, NOW is gone too. Ego wants certainty and seems to be looking for it in the wrong place. Yesterday isn't certain. How can a moment be certain if it doesn't exist!? And what of NOW?...

Ha!. That's just gone and isn't certain. I am moving from moment to moment and ego is calling all moments that instantly are no more, or are not yet, reality. What do I call it?  Best not think on that because all I will end up with is a lot more thoughts about what was, or will be and thinking that what is merely apparent, is reality!   Thinking does nothing. Experiencing does but disappears constantly.

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