The Source is the Mystery

We need to be where we are at right here and right now. Focus into what is so right now. The past is gone, now is real, and constantly becoming the future. So in effect a paradox... now is not real as it is already the future!? Yes now is all we have and it is non-static.

making garden pond
I saw a frog in the garden
and was inspired to built
a pond. 

Problems could be more of an insight than a hindrance, as we have to move. If we feel stuck, the feeling is that we have to move. It is an illusion that we do not move.  For we move through our 'stuckness' whether we realise it or not!

Mindfulness makes the difference. Be aware and mindful of what is manifest. We may realise that we are 'not' the doers, but witnesses to what is happening and being done in and by the universe. Something is always happening. Many doings.  Doing is a mystery for us, for where does the impulse to do, arise?  The source is a mystery.

Who We Are - Energy: Being Mindful.

Being alert to what is so right now. 
Sometimes being alert to having not been alert and this is… being alert. 

Allowing to be what is generally suppressed or held back...  for instance, irritation, frustration, anger.

All that is needed to transform such states is allowing and accepting, not trying 'tricks' to rid oneself of an unwanted experiencing, but staying focused and alert on what is so in the moment and accepting in totality, whatever is being experienced. 

Whatever is it, it is just the expression of energy. When we judge it to be pleasant or unpleasant, we are simply adding opinion and thwarting and suppressing our experiencing.  

Energy is mysterious and cannot be defined in itself. Energy is who we truly who we are.

Dirty Water Zen

Being aware of living in the mind. The memories are knowledge,and knowledge from the mind is memory.

Spiritual knowledge is wordless and silent, for it is experiencing. It is  existential.

Knowledge of the mind – of knowing, like dirty water… A bath-tub can be cleaned with dirty bath-water, and that would lead somewhere, so whilst I am writing, whilst I am speaking, I am existing and coming from mind - I am mind.

‘I’ can disappear if I were to be existential, experiencing it, yet unable to give it away with words or thoughts.

So dirty water may act as a guide for now.  Zen words..  Dirty Water Zen…