Zen: Just Awareness

Zen. It is just awareness! When it is not present, it is present, but through the ego we are stuck in the pretence that we are not aware! A rock and a hard place, for to try and be aware is a desire and will only cause us to sink into the quicksand of the finite mind. So what do we do to become aware? Exactly!

If we want to get it right, then it will be wrong. So, we need to transcend both right and wrong to that state of awareness where we get the experience that everything is just so.

Letting Go

Letting go needs to be on a moment to moment basis in order to remain focused in the here and now.

But to have such a desire to achieve this, wouldn't work, because desire would immediately bring one back into a world where the random, planning mind would once again be in control.

Letting go, in each moment of now, is liberating and the way to mindfulness. It is quite simply Zen. As all is.