Lies and Truths in Zen

Sometimes in zazen, I am looking at the burden I carry from the past.  But this burden is a lie, because the past cannot exist! So it is pointless in seeking truth. Is this not the ego's way of preoccupying me with pretences that there is some great truth to discover!?

The lie cannot exist, because only truth exists. In Zen the truth is whatever is so right now. Trees are trees, grass is grass, earth is earth.

So in Zen, it is not a case of pursuing or seeking truth as this will just create more confusion. What is the point of seeking something that already is!

In Zen, it is really to be OK to be OK to be whatever way I am.  I don't see the trees, the grass and the earth seeking anything.

In Zen, it is a case of looking deep into the lies as seeing the lies, will evaporate them and expose the truth.