Analysis: A Koan, or How to Title This Post...

Unconscious mind. I think I would prefer to call it the super-conscious mind,  because of the inexplicable intelligence that works all around the universe.

The old question, "if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a noise?"  A koan perhaps?

I am aware that I need to see that I am part of this. Everybody and everything in existence is part of this universe. Not so much subject to its "laws" but ARE those laws.  Creators…

Everything and everyone are creators whether or not it is realized. It doesn't depend on being mentally recognized or analysed.  I can't see analysis going on in the universe, it doesn't need analysis. But I can see it in my ego-mind. Even right now. I am analysing the non-analysed.. I have only got to write this down to be in a state of analysis. Analysis is the content and the universe is the context. 

The universe HOLDS analysis, but is certainly not dependent on it. Analysis came into being a long time after we came out of the primordial soup. It was created out of our awareness. So it didn't exist before? 

I get that it always existed. Never started and will never end. It was merely unmanifest and then became manifest.

 And the universe works without it.  Of that there is no doubt.  So what exactly is analysis?  Who is the analyser?  You, I in our ego minds? What effect does our analysis have?   Using our awareness we may see that we know already.. We are already are buddhas…

Analysis has no effect other than  to  change things around that already existed, after the fact. Things simply continue to exist in a transformed state.  A hole in the ground that we dig can be potentially filled again. We have not changed the ground, we've just move a bit of it!  Transformed it into concrete, or some piece of pottery or whatever.

And so with a knowing smile or worried mind look, I can carry on analysing. If I am aware of doing it, the mood or state of mind is irrelevant, as an emotional state will always only be a transient state.  A (spiritual) springtime will turn to summer, autumn and then winter as it continues within the cycle of birth and death. 

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