Acceptance, Awareness, Making Distinctions

Tension occurs when two forces originating in the mind are pulling  in two different directions. Life-force becomes out of balance.  Sometimes we appear to get relief and the problem disappears.  But a more serious problem could arise if such relief has not come consciously, with awareness - in other words, our tension has merely been suppressed and not resolved, because we have pushed it away.

Zazen is the practice or non-resistance -  the art of taking awareness to a condition and willingly penetrate through deeper and deeper levels to the core.  The art of total acceptance.  

One then develops the ability to make a distinction between imaginary illusions and true intuition,  never forget common sense,  and especially truths that may come up that one does not want to hear!  This way we can learn to know and be responsible for our own truth, our own resolutions. 

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