What Remains?

In letting go of all the senses, silence remains.  Just accept and witness....

Now, what I can see and witness, cannot be outside of who I am..

Much to Do? Being? Doing? What?

So much to do in this world.. Doing fosters desire for change.  Not-doing fosters a desire to stay the same.. not doing, not "not-doing".

Being... How can we just be? The answer to that is to become enlightened.

Be here now!  A mind that is focused constantly here and now has to be free of desire, that Buddha said was the root of all suffering. 

Mind. Master or Servant?

The more conditioning that is operating in life, the less spontaneity.  We need to become mindful and aware of what we are already conditioned with.. It is then, no good trying to forcibly destroy our conditioning, but to allow us to see the truth of universal principles of acceptance and  love. 

Meditation happens as we begin to see reality. This also is not something we can approach with force. A discipline that is not controlled further by the antics of the mind, but what we choose from our beings.. From our awareness.

Today is Uncertain.... Always

Today is uncertain. There is no future and I need to engage with the uncertainty of what's to come.  Not that  ANY day has ever been certain, but there is only now, and now, and now.. Going, going into countless successive moments of now..  Life is state of flux. To realize the alchemy of spiritual awareness is nothing more than being 100% here and now.. Moving on and on, certain of the uncertainty!

Is it not all right to be stupid?

This is Zen… Or not…

Carp diem? Seize the day?  How can this be? This moment, once here is gone. Is it stupid to try and seize it? The past, the present, the future, how can they exist? For immediately now comes it is gone. So how can a day exist? Past, present future tenses.. Tense time…

Equally, how can I seize what I am?  How can an eye (or I) look at itself?  I can only be.. The moment can only be, and then it is gone.. I? Am I immediately gone? That cannot be so? I am empty, a mirror. But the illusion is that I am not empty but full of rubbish like this…  This is not Zen it is stupid… to the degree that it is not.. 

Let's not be clever, for this is stupid.. But is it not so? Is it not all right to be stupid? 

Here. Now. Listen. Nothing.

Mind. All these wheels and thoughts racing around as if they are important and the very stuff of life itself.. But is this really so?  What is important? What is really important?

Nothing... Nothing cannot exist outside of the here-and-now. This is it! Listen? Nothing.  No mind!

Now look at mind.. The wheels within wheels. The cogs of this ever self-important machine.  For what?  Exactly? And then there's nothing. For mu, as a Zen master would or would not say.. Would or would not? Who knows?  Zen.  Zen? Really?

An intention to be mindful with everything that I do, presents a challenge. I become aware of the times when I am not mindful. Only in retrospect of course, and then I can focus on the now. Mabye.

Such is the mind. Listen carefully to all the languages that are used.  Even the languages of the great masters.. Listening to what they say, are they always in the here-and-now? If they are who is responsible for that? Them? Surely that is a fragmentation of you and them - another duality?

Can you really be responsible? Others - self. An illusion?

Always fully present? Does their speech depict this? Closer to home and of greater value. Listen to yourself? Are you always in the here-and-now? Always present with what is so?