Here. Now. Listen. Nothing.

Mind. All these wheels and thoughts racing around as if they are important and the very stuff of life itself.. But is this really so?  What is important? What is really important?

Nothing... Nothing cannot exist outside of the here-and-now. This is it! Listen? Nothing.  No mind!

Now look at mind.. The wheels within wheels. The cogs of this ever self-important machine.  For what?  Exactly? And then there's nothing. For mu, as a Zen master would or would not say.. Would or would not? Who knows?  Zen.  Zen? Really?

An intention to be mindful with everything that I do, presents a challenge. I become aware of the times when I am not mindful. Only in retrospect of course, and then I can focus on the now. Mabye.

Such is the mind. Listen carefully to all the languages that are used.  Even the languages of the great masters.. Listening to what they say, are they always in the here-and-now? If they are who is responsible for that? Them? Surely that is a fragmentation of you and them - another duality?

Can you really be responsible? Others - self. An illusion?

Always fully present? Does their speech depict this? Closer to home and of greater value. Listen to yourself? Are you always in the here-and-now? Always present with what is so?

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