Is it not all right to be stupid?

This is Zen… Or not…

Carp diem? Seize the day?  How can this be? This moment, once here is gone. Is it stupid to try and seize it? The past, the present, the future, how can they exist? For immediately now comes it is gone. So how can a day exist? Past, present future tenses.. Tense time…

Equally, how can I seize what I am?  How can an eye (or I) look at itself?  I can only be.. The moment can only be, and then it is gone.. I? Am I immediately gone? That cannot be so? I am empty, a mirror. But the illusion is that I am not empty but full of rubbish like this…  This is not Zen it is stupid… to the degree that it is not.. 

Let's not be clever, for this is stupid.. But is it not so? Is it not all right to be stupid? 

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