Expanding Awareness

Expanded awareness comes from total acceptance. Acceptance of anything and everything that comes into [said] awareness.

The resistance:

There is chaos in the world of the senses. See it, accept it, witness it.  This world of the senses is where opposites exist just in order to fight each other.

The Journey:

Expanding one's awareness allows these opposites to flow from one to other, each giving way to the other; each giving the other the space that has been provided by the expanded awareness.   A way of peaceful existence.

The alchemy: 

They merge together from the free flow of acceptance.  Resistance can be complex, but such complexity is resolved by the simple way of acceptance.

Practice mindful awareness. Focus on going with the flow at first, through the complexity to the simplicity.

Expanded awareness may take a lifetime of practicing the art of witnessing the flow from opposite to opposite, but expanded awareness accommodates both opposites as they flow from duality to Oneness.

One CAN Tell!

With Zen, one can never tell what is to come.

But one can tell what is here and now.
Comfort. Discomfort. Pain. Pleasure
One can tell if one looks.

Seeing Without the Mind?

How do I know if I'm on the right path?
I don't. Not with the mind anyway. And..
I do.. because we are all on the right path.

Right path, wrong path. It really doesn't matter for that is a value judgement from the mind.  For the journey is ALL.

What is written here is merely the description and not.. It. It can point towards "it" -  Maybe.  So you could say that these words are fake.  Maybe.

What is written here is really the mind looking at the mind, which... How can that possible?  It is just like running around in a barrel trying to work out what point you are at.. Indeed is that possible in the circle of a barrel?

Can I see without the mind? Can you see without the mind?

If you leave your opinion... That's not it... Probably.

Waiting... or not.

It is like standing in line in a store, or sitting waiting to see a medical practitioner. We  cannot be there before we are there.

Just being.
Just waiting.

In nature, I see the trees and the flowers and wild birds and animals. Constantly changing from season to season. Just waiting for those changes to take place.

It is not nature (natural) to hurry.  To want to get dealt with.  This is a desire.. Buddha taught that desire is the source of all suffering..  But typical of Zen.... "or not!"

And that is the question. The koan that Zen has for us - well for me anyway! But for us.?  Perhaps.  Or maybe later... Or.. There is only now! Or not..  

What  can I know right now if I look deep enough to see?  I came from the energy (chi/ki/prana or whatever term is preferred) of the universe. From No-Mind" and will return there completely when I've done with my body.. And in between?  Well is it not beneficial to wait? Just wait in the moment? For each moment?  What else can I know?  What else can you know?  

There is always an "or not!" The eternal now ensures that there is.  But it is disappearing constantly... Immediately.. Can't cling to that!  

And some believe that there is meaning here!  Or not.. What do I mean? Yes... What do I mean?  

Head in the Sand.

It has been suggested that I stick my head in the sand...

What I do not know, I do not know. I am aware that I do not know it. If I am sticking my head in the sand, then I am aware of it.

Looking for answers is a search, a sort of ambition, a sort of desire. If I know then I know. If I cannot see, then I cannot see. All is right here and right now.  I may get to know by focusing on my head, there in the sand - if indeed it is? I am practising the art of trust in my  awareness, and even get to trust my lack of trust, for it is so.

And who made this suggestion in the first place?

I did.. Or is it more accurate to say that my mind did, if indeed Zen is accurate!  Trust me!  Or not! I'll go back to looking deeper into the sand for the time being..