Expanding Awareness

Expanded awareness comes from total acceptance. Acceptance of anything and everything that comes into [said] awareness.

The resistance:

There is chaos in the world of the senses. See it, accept it, witness it.  This world of the senses is where opposites exist just in order to fight each other.

The Journey:

Expanding one's awareness allows these opposites to flow from one to other, each giving way to the other; each giving the other the space that has been provided by the expanded awareness.   A way of peaceful existence.

The alchemy: 

They merge together from the free flow of acceptance.  Resistance can be complex, but such complexity is resolved by the simple way of acceptance.

Practice mindful awareness. Focus on going with the flow at first, through the complexity to the simplicity.

Expanded awareness may take a lifetime of practicing the art of witnessing the flow from opposite to opposite, but expanded awareness accommodates both opposites as they flow from duality to Oneness.

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