A Master

A Master...

And this is it. Trust. Total trust.  And you can choose!

Life can be a master;  a stone on the ground can be a master - a butterfly...

Trust that there is something to learn. Sorrow of some loss, can be a master. Fear of that sorrow, even though there is nothing discernible to fear right now, can also be a master.

You get "what ifs"?  Any one can be your master. Or if you constantly have them... "Ah but, what if this, what if that?"  This could be useful - many masters!
trust to fly
Trust... In order to fly, his life circumstances
demanded that he had to take the leap of faith

The prerequisite though is that you accept totally and just witness it, and it will be the master.. And if you cannot, you are aware that you cannot accept it, and you are still in desire. So just desire (some object or goal) and know that desire totally to its core until it is no more.