Waiting... or not.

It is like standing in line in a store, or sitting waiting to see a medical practitioner. We  cannot be there before we are there.

Just being.
Just waiting.

In nature, I see the trees and the flowers and wild birds and animals. Constantly changing from season to season. Just waiting for those changes to take place.

It is not nature (natural) to hurry.  To want to get dealt with.  This is a desire.. Buddha taught that desire is the source of all suffering..  But typical of Zen.... "or not!"

And that is the question. The koan that Zen has for us - well for me anyway! But for us.?  Perhaps.  Or maybe later... Or.. There is only now! Or not..  

What  can I know right now if I look deep enough to see?  I came from the energy (chi/ki/prana or whatever term is preferred) of the universe. From No-Mind" and will return there completely when I've done with my body.. And in between?  Well is it not beneficial to wait? Just wait in the moment? For each moment?  What else can I know?  What else can you know?  

There is always an "or not!" The eternal now ensures that there is.  But it is disappearing constantly... Immediately.. Can't cling to that!  

And some believe that there is meaning here!  Or not.. What do I mean? Yes... What do I mean?  

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