Become Consciousness: A Question

Great masters have said time and time again, that we need to transcend our minds, to quit seeing ourselves as separate beings and become the observer:  become Consciousness. Such being-ness will manifest when it manifests. There is no agenda, no timetable, no map to find the way. It just comes to the quiet mind, not the warrior who sets out to defeat the relative world. It can happen in an instance. Just like that! Or not.. Be prepared to wait? No, not prepared.. Just wait, maybe a moment, maybe a day, week, month, year, decade, lifetime or more. True non-resistance to what is so right now. How? Live with this question. 

Meanwhile, can it be that the more we can contemplate, the more we can read, talk and communicate on the question of how to realize Self as consciousness, the nearer we will get to transcending duality and be one with universe and ultimately hold the universe within our awareness, allowing the realization of self as pure space? 

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