Contemplation: Time as Illusion.

 I see time and it is an illusion.  So I can observe illusion?  How can illusion exist, if it is illusion? So it is an illusion that I observe illusion too!   I have examined and written about this time thing so much, but I think such enquiry really has to be tautological.  
Approached from different sides of the reality and this promotes closer examination for those as crazy or as sane as me!  I don't know which, but such duality needs to be transcended.  And really these words are inadequate- they can only point to what I am experiencing as I write, and each of us has to see for ourselves.  So I will point on….
How can time exist when now is immediately gone forever?  To be free of this we need to see and experience this reality and be willing to live with uncertainty, because that is the way it is. Uncertainty is a mystery. To know life as anything less than a mystery is not what the "I-consciousness" really wants.  What can we learn from what we know, because what we know is already gone. We have learned. Past. Illusion. 
My zazen (meditation) is the practice of constantly focusing on the here and now and letting it go. It takes many years of daily practice, and it is on-going. In this life, we all have a mind equipped with ego-conditioning after all!  But the more reality can be experienced as the now passing away,  the greater the ability to see reality. Little by little, inch by inch. We watch ourselves grow. Impatience will never get there, because it exists as need. A need to be somewhere other than the now that is immediately gone. 
If we pay attention to what is coming up right now, we can expand from self as individual. Expand from needs and emotions and realize a much higher state of awareness and consciousness outside our dualistic nature of what is I and what is not I.

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