Power of Commitment.

Commitment has power.  To exercise commitment means to exercise integrity, which, in turn means to take control of your life.... Your Destiny...

The Anatomy of commitment

To me... 

Commitment means discipline..... to the truth.  YOUR TRUTH.  To be true to yourself, if you promise to do something it means JUST DOING IT - no matter how trivial you may later consider it to be - DOING IT SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU WOULD.

great commitment
A life lived with commitment,  would bring tremendous certainty and develop tremendous confidence.  Whatever you wanted to do, you would do it and you would feel well able to do it.  As you exercise your power of commitment you would find yourself doing things with a minimum of effort... Total commitment encourages total mindfulness. It is the Way of Zen.

If you don't keep your word to yourself or others, you are not a committed person.  You simply do the things that you LIKE or the things you HAVE to do, and for the most part, the mind wouldn't fully engage in the task and be focused in the moment...  here and now.

Commitment means to live by your word. 

to do list, stop procastinating
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If you do not 100 per cent intend to do something, do not say you will do it.  The smallest of promises, when broken, creates minor stresses in the subconscious mind.  Over time these stresses accumulate and will lead to further complications in all stress-related conditions. if you know what you are going to do, SAY S0.  In this way, communication creates clarity of purpose; a clarity of mind.

"What if I forget?"

DO NOT FORGET!  Forgetting is the function of a mind that's been trained to be negative by repeatedly breaking commitments, promises and agreements made with others. With true commitment, forgetting doesn't arise.

The discipline of commitment takes practice...

NOW is the time to begin NOT TOMORROW.  Tomorrow never comes.  On Monday tomorrow is Tuesday.  When Tuesday comes, when is tomorrow? ... It's Wednesday!  Therefore Tuesday is not tomorrow, neither is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  So it's not any day - it doesn't ever come!  So if you plan to do things tomorrow, you'll never do them.... DO IT NOW!

If you want to begin the task of handling stuff that comes in life.. Tomorrow will not do.  All you have is NOW.  Such mindfulness will lead to a more stress-free life.

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