Chakras are vortexes of energy that are located in positions throughout the body. If you can accept the reality of energy  - and who cannot - you can accept the reality of chakras. To an experienced Indian yogi, chakras are as real as any physical object. It as been established by the scientific world, that all physical objects including the human body is nothing more than a vibrating mass of energy, oscillating at approximate eight cycles per minute, which, coincidentally, is the same rate as the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

In the East, energy is referred to as ki (Japan), chi (China), or prana (India), and it is through the chakras that this vital energy is drawn into the body. It is  believed that whenever we block any experience, we are at best, negatively slowing down the down the flow of this energy through the chakras, thus feeding our mind, body and spirit with a negative force. This force is then fed back through the chakras in a vicious circle, distorting them and causing them to malfunction - all becomes a vicious circle. It is thought that most of us, by the time we reach adolescence, have serious blockages in our energy system and chakras that will lead to poor mental, physical and spiritual health as our life progresses.

 It is an accepted fact that colour and sound can affect the emotions. What is not so accepted here in the west is that emotions can affect the chakras. However, in the East it is an accepted fact that the correct musical tone can vibrate in harmony with a chakra and color can do the same, color being no more than a form of “visible sound”. Because each of the chakras is associated with both a color and musical tone, the form of meditation that combines both color and musical tone can go a long way to addressing any chakra imbalance.

When working with chakras in this way, you can enhance the awareness of their existence through meditative practices. Then, as the practice develops, you can begin to gain a higher state of awareness of the creative energy that flows through your chakras, which in turn will give a greater degree of calmness and contentment in day to day life.  

Unblocking the chakras may hold the key to a transformation that will empower you to gain a higher potential from mind, body and spirit.  

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