Zen Is Emptiness

zen in emptiness

What Is Existence? 

The essence of existence is a mystery of all mysteries. Existence is everywhere whether or not one knows it. Knowing is about thinking about, perceiving and everything, everywhere, cannot be known, cannot be perceived right now. Yet is exists.

Zen is about ‘stretching’ oneself not to understand this intellectually, but to realise it.. experientially. 

To describe such an experience words would be inadequate, for thinking of such experiencing, would only be a memory, for it would have already happened. As does all experiences!

How this ability to know in humans came about is impossible to learn about. It is really not important as the here-now is all we have and the knowledge of it realised through the mind and imagination, which is just memory.

Now is the only time there is. And now is the only time in which we are able to transcend knowledge. And then it is OK to know to the same degree that is OK not to know. Knowing and not-knowing are equal, are the same. OK and not OK are equal, are the same. Then duality is transcended.

If you can get this, then it’s fine. If you don’t get this, then it’s fine also.

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