A Question of Trust

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Trust: A Consequence of Acceptance

Whilst we are encouraged to trust in life, by many spiritual teachers, there must be confusion as to how to trust. How do we trust?

The truth seems to be that we can’t ‘do’ anything at all. Trust happens as a consequence of acceptance

When there is no acceptance, it is because of the belief that we can change things by doing something about it, but what is there to do?  Acceptance is not a ‘doing’ thing, it is a state of being!  And the more we try to ‘be’ a certain way, the more we can fail. We may well imagine that we have ‘achieved’ a new way of being. But it that really so? Are we not just the same underneath it all? 

This is because the more we try to change things the more we are in non-acceptance, which will manifest as resistance and intolerance of what is so and that means the more we are in distrust of what is so.  And the more we will stay the same. Possibly more intensely the same than before we tried top change!

If things feel good, because of our duality they are going to be bad again, for it is only through such relativity, we ‘know’ anything, and in this particular instance – we know good is the absence of bad and vice-versa. 

But where does the bad come from? Where does the good come from?  Good may come from those circumstances that we believe we have controlled, bad may come from those circumstances we believe we have not controlled. But if we really have control of our thoughts and feelings of good and bad,  why have we not worked out how to stop the bad times and only ever have good times?  

Acceptance… going with the flow… will help us transcend such opposites of good and bad that really are not opposites at all, but actually just different sides of the same coin. 

The mind is duality moving from one thing to its opposite and back again. It is how its knowledge is being processed and accumulated. 

Reality, Life, God or whatever you wish to call it, is omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite, unpredictable as it is constantly moving from the here-now into the here-now.  Total acceptance of what is, brings us to the here-now. All that is needed is for our attention to be focused… in this here-and-now. 

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