A Master of Enlightenment

Anything could be a master of enlightenment..

A Master of Enlightenment
A Zen master exists everywhere and anywhere life. Within all situations, whether they be trials and tribulations or great moments of joy.  The master is not a punishment nor a reward.  Not just a person but anything at all. Bird, a flower, a stone – rock or statue.  Even something small like a fly, or insignificant like another misty day, or degree of lightness from the brilliant to the depth of darkness.  Or like a paradox like, one must have light to see.. and one can see darkness in the midst of light, and light in the midst of darkness, each enhancing and cancelling each other out in a universal play.

All and any these things and anything at all can suddenly and spontaneously be seen as a master and can reveal to us the dream-like state of the world around us that is created in the mind. And in doing so, all these things can indicate strongly that there is only here-now. We just simply need to be open to realising  it.

Be mindful of what is around, what objects, people, circumstances, sane of crazy – that could be a master of enlightenment

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