Dropping Lessons..

Dropping the "lessons" from all great masters we look in the here and now where "I-am" exists and teaches experientially, not through words whether they be one's own or others..  Be aware and drop judgement. Is that possible? Inquire and see.

For instance anger...  Examine it closely. Anger at self? Forgive! Accept it as so and work with it, not reacting or trying to obliterate it, but witnessing it. Then work with the essence of forgiveness. Forgiveness is is totally abstract because it is not a "doing" thing. They say it is a verb, to forgive? But it is not done! It is felt, experienced. It is realized, sometimes suddenly one can say, "Ah yes... It is OK now", whatever it is.

Anything... Anything at all that is "wrong", will release with forgiveness, no matter what mistake it is.  So can we quit judging as either trivial or important!

If  we can just see that everything has it's value and it is of value to examine anger - self anger, guilt that releases on forgiveness.  For all is self even another. If I am wrong, or you are wrong - judge it to be so and "wrongness" manifests and feeds on judgement.

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