Sounds And Silence

In zazen, the sounds come to me from without. A bird call, a creak from the building, the sound of my breathing.  Who is it that is receiving these sounds?

There has to be a space into which the sounds can flow. That space is the silence. The stillness. The context of all contexts. The emptiness into which the sounds will flows.

Expanding consciousness can see the soundless emptiness that contains all sounds that come and go. Accepted in this way, all sound is transformational, so open up to the sound, whatever it may be. Zazen is not about shutting out anything, but accepting it, embracing it fully. It is not about bliss or angst, but the silent emptiness in the centre of all - no-thing, mu, shunyata,  breathing. The space that contains all the sounds.. I am.

See the sound enter the space of I-am. Silence now. Just a moment.. Silence

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