Mind loves to have so many labels.  If you can understand something, you can feel a little more comfortable. Get it into a nutshell and say, "Ah, this is it. That's why…!"  All reasonable and the mind seeks out reasonableness constantly. It is reasonable to "fix things!" and the mind wants everything fixed… right now! The uncertainty of... What if this? What if that? This is beyond the comfort zone.  Being is uncertain without our labels, and living life as if it is certain is the mind's trick.  But having lived life, one can look back and say " it is certain", simply because it has happened already - we know it well, as it is in our memory, even if it is embellished for our comfort.

But right now, something may go very wrong, it can be as if a thunderbolt has hit us.  We feel helpless. We may search and search for a resolution, but there is nothing we can do - or so it feels… This thunderbolt, the shock, is always the worst ever!

Just the very essence of the shock itself may not provide a fix, may not provide an answer.  No cure! And we may be desperate!  But a "dark night" has come and there is no other option other than to go through it. If here we focus on its essence, we may realize that there is no getting better, but there will come a point when it really doesn't matter. This could be the point of transcending mind and realizing spirit, our essence of being but again no certainty other than the way it is.  We can go where we come from and we've been there before - it's our awareness. Awareness is always certain.

The one thing that we can "do" in such an impasse is to drop our doing and just be. Even though rationally there is no choice, there is!  We can choose it to be the way it is. To walk through it.. Let the shock of this thunderbolt into awareness more and more.  It may be a valuable wake-up call!  Or not! For there is no certainty - if we look closer we may get to see that it actually lights the way!

At one time, there was "I am not" it cannot be grasped by the mind though. Then there was a time when there was "I am". Both "I am" and "I am not" depend on each other. Not aware of I and aware of I.  We create one and we create the other just as white is created by black. To see this, often involves the realization of a thunderbolt.

Letting go, from where we were has led to where we are. Letting go from where we are now, takes us further. Letting go of now.. That's now..  Understand? It is so whether or not...

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