Zen: No Easy Living Here!

Zen is a difficult practice that defies belief! Beliefs won't work in Zen anyway..  A lifestyle that is yet so rewarding and liberating at times. But (as Zen practitioners) we have to look at what we want to be liberated from and looking at karma, is well….  looking at karma.

Karma is karma and we do not need to look at the pleasurable karma in our lives as because it wasn't resisted, it's disappeared already.  The stuff that sticks is the stuff that we have not resolved and we didn't resolve it because it more than likely, contained pain.  What we resist we get attached to. Stuck. Unable to move. Operating mechanically and reactively from conditioned minds.

What we  are attached to, we will, sooner or later, Zen practice or no Zen practice, be revisiting to resolve it. Zen offers a tremendous challenge that is certainly not for those who seek bliss or easy living, although bliss and easy living can exist, enhanced in a Zen life. Zen doesn't judge or favour anything.

In Zen, Living here and now with mindfulness, we will bring up much karma to be resolved, in the here and now. But we will not be creating more karma in such mindfulness. But we may have many lifetimes of karma to resolve. But if we could just really get it, that all the past, a few moments ago and past lives, are gone. They  are an illusion. Then, if we can really see this, beyond reason, we can transcend karma.  Unreasonable, I know.

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