When I Am Dreaming

Whenever I am judging, I am dreaming.  The mind is the dream.  I am not owning my dream whenever I am judging. I am a player in the dream, totally identified with it.  To be aware of the dream is to wake from the dream, but one needs to be fully aware, not just have an idea that it MAY be a dream, not just a belief, but an actual experience.

When I am dreaming I am so convinced that I am in reality that I cannot see that this is a dream.  What else can it be if right now is immediately gone and I am not seeing  the phenomenon?  If I am merely thinking that the moment I began this sentence I am writing is gone and I am not getting it?

So...  Shakespeare wrote that "all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death." And that life is a "walking shadow" - shadows are not reality! And that life "is a tale told by an idiot…." And "signifying nothing".  Did he use the term "idiot" to shock? Are the unenlightened, idiots?

Yes, the judgements that  it is the fault of this and that, him and her.... I do not own these feelings, they own me! I am electing what I believe is outside of me as cause of the way I am!  Unless I first of all fully accept them as projections that I am creating and then realize that it is all awareness and awareness is me.

Realizing the dream. In the heart or in the head, it is just more dream-work, but in the reality of existence. In experience that is neither the heart nor the head but within the context of who I really am.  This too, whatever it is, is a dream. For it is already gone. So now what?

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