The Dream. The Illusion of Time.

I am seeing that the universe doesn't rationalise in terms of right or wrong, but in terms of manifest and un-manifest.  Storm are destructive, but nature doesn't see this as wrong, but as a storm. Is that not the way it is in life?  For if we are not life, what else are we?

To look at life is to look at all of life. If we begin to pick and choose what we want to experience surely we will not be living wholly. Not that we have any choice other than to choose the manifest, as there is only now. How can we master it, if we don't choose to accept and experience it?  

So I would need to take care in the habit of thinking positively about the future, for every manifestation manifests wholly with both opposites of good and bad, or it would not be whole.

However, this is the illusion, for the future is now unfolding in every disappearing moment, which immediately becomes the past..That is the dream.  That is the illusion of time.

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