Expansion and Suffering.

This is interesting discussion on religion I got involved in regarding resistances from the point of view of my own Zen life.

As a Zen practitioner, I do not believe in a creator deity as such, but will acknowledge the existence of the Whole or Universal.   When something is experienced to completion, it disappears as it becomes one with the whole. So if I am suffering, I focus my attention fully on the experience and allow it to be, allow it to expand into the realm of everything or All.  At the point of complete expansion, it disappears. With a headache or other pain, I feel it expand to become everything as I meditate upon it. With the emotions the same thing can happen.

There is no time limit to the duration of such experience, for if I am motivated to free myself of the pain and use acceptance to do this, I will get to keep the discomfort, because I am looking to rid myself of an experience, therefore resisting and not experiencing it to completion.

It is not always easy because resistance to discomfort feels to be wrapped around my mind layer by layer, like onion skins, each layer will disappear to reveal the layer underneath, which may or may not be more pain, and there are some problems that as I get closer to the core, where before it will disappear, it will grow more intense.

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