So Why Meditate?

Yes, why meditate? I even find that I still ask this question, but what is the point of any answer to any question? The "answer" I feel lies in the experience.

I have learned from my meditation over the years, that in life there is no comparison between one person and another, between one thing or situation and another. But in the mind there is! 

There is a saying in Zen that states "without you the universe would be incomplete".  

The feeling that everything is fruitless is just a feeling and in life, all things, including feelings, are impermanent and subject to change. To feel negative about life today, will disappear to manifest a feeling of positivity tomorrow. But no point in chasing tomorrow as it doesn't exist. Be with whatever is so right now, and see that there is no comparison between what is, and what isn't. Because what isn't doesn't exist. All is what is!

Opinions, are just opinions and are just as subject to the change.

And because of this universal truth, opinions, are not really real because they disappear and become changed.

The only reality is here and now. What you can sense; what you can feel. But then, the here and now is instantly gone.

So if you can contemplate these lines, the experience may feel strange at first, particularly if you have not really come here before, but  it can be quite empowering.

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