Awareness: Being Dual

It isn’t about striving not to be dual but about being aware of duality as it is working in and through life.

Being more aware of duality existing in consciousness – focusing on it and letting it be. 

WE are the world – no better or worse, stronger or weaker than each other until we judge it to be that way.

And dualism is.

It is about just noticing our experience of living life, just noticing and allowing life to be lived through dualism.

Dharma duelling?  

There are two to make a duel and it is dual. It could be said that it is used in a Zen life to point out how dual we are when duelling. Being dual with full conscious awareness of such a state of being. Letting it all happen.

All such focused awareness may enhance the awareness of dualism. 

Keep looking at dualism when contemplating we are. 'We are' is suggesting that we are one...
One in our dualism for now. 

Keeping looking through dualism – seeing through dualism. Keep being aware of being dual and then…

The disappearance.

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