Silence and Pain

Silence within is where I can be at peace.
Where I will reflect on myself and witness what is going on.
Silence is the only permanent thing in life; the only unchanging thing.
Silence is silence, always has been, always will be.
It existed before the beginning, because all beginnings have an end,
And the journey is endless. 
Silence is always there even in the midst of the marketplace.

The Moon reflects on the water.
The reflection is silent.

When there is pain or loss,
Listen to its silence closely. 
This is the art of true meditation
It can be like a built-in healing phenomenon
Keep focusing allowing the silence to absorb it completely
Into completion.

I want this higher state of awareness.
I opened the gates to it through my Zen,
And I know that this pain and that pain happens to many Zen practitioners..
But I need to remember the art or non-resistance.
Be with what I am with. This is it.
All truth is experience and all perception is of the mind
And all that mind stuff...
Is merely an interpretation of what I am experiencing.
The truth of what I am experiencing comes from experiencing it.
Without judgment.

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