Crazy Thoughts; Something Beyond

There is  something beyond illness and wellness that gets obscured by denial. Judgment and resistance will only get anything to persist. Total acceptance means not calling it illness or wellness, as they are judgments. Illness or wellness is just experience. Being aware supports us in our responsibility for either. 

Can we accept that the mind has vast power and respect it?  If I observe closely I can see that it usually controls a great deal of my life, my habits, my drives and desires, everything really - just triggered by a thought - any thought, regardless of how important I judge it to be at the time of thinking it! 

My justifications and judgments are all part of the minds control and power. And yes, the power is vast and mostly unexplored; existing below the level of awareness!   Every aspect in my life can be transcended if I am  willing to fully accept it.  

Paradoxically, I have to fully experience "fighting" all manner of dualism as I am fighting it, before I can really be on my journey - I am thinking of the Silent Flute with all the fighters risking their lives just to get on a hazardous journey to enlightenment!      And then of the Zen temple where the Zen masters make all newcomers into Zen stand outside and just wait, regardless of weather or conditions. Wait, and wait, risking death perhaps? 

What is more important, realization of self, or continuing life in the physical body..  That is judgment again!  Seems I can't get away from it. But let's be fair, nothing much of value has come about for those of us who sit on the fence and there's nothing like the short sharp shock of a piece of reality to knock us off it.

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